China Green Powerhouse

This documentary film on environmental policy in china is an international collaboration with Dr. Wang Xi, the director of the Institute of Environmental and Resource Law at Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, China. Dr. Wang Xi has worked on the amendment to China’s Environmental Law in 2014. This policy-driven research is innovative in its methodological approach to environmental policy, and Canada-China foreign relations in the context of climate change. This research investigates recent efforts to improve China’s environmental protection regulations. Structured around interviews with various participating experts, this documentary examines environmental protection law and policy in china, international trade, international law, Canada-China, US-China international relations, and environmental policy inter-agency networks. This film investigates innovations in China’s environmental judicial system and sustainable development. This research-based film is a policy tool with which to engage civil society internationally on the topic of climate security for the prosperity of humanity.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pitman Potter


Berangere Maia Parizeau






University of British Columbia



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