Classifying Innovation Management Forms Using Ontology Reasoning

In this project, the goal is first to design a domain ontology that models the innovation management forms semantically. At this step, the ontology contains domain-specific background knowledge, which is expressed using terminological statements. Then every completed form and the value of its fields are asserted as instances of different concepts of the ontology. Afterwards, an ontology reasoning algorithm is deployed to classify every completed form into various categories defined in the ontology. This method enables us to determine a form’s category based on its fields, even if it is not associated with a form name or number. The company will use the designed ontology and the devolved system as part of its intelligent innovation management.

Faculty Supervisor:

Volker Haarslev


Nikoo Zolfaghar Karahroodi


Group Uni3T


Engineering - computer / electrical


Professional, scientific and technical services


Concordia University



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