Colloidal characterization of concentrated milk suspensions

Final cheese characterizations are dependent on the treatment (s) and ingredient (s) put into the cheese milk.  Although in general, cheese making processes are reasonably understood, there is still a lack of basic understanding of what processing history of the ingredients will do the final cheese products.  The effect of processing history of milk, such as addition of milk ingredients, using pre-dried and/or pre-concentrated milk, for cheese making process will be studied using rheological, light scattering and microscopy techniques.  The fundamental studies will then be related to processes currently implemented in cheese plants and we will evaluate how to improve cheese yields, quality and consistency.  A better understanding of the physical and chemical properties of milk ingredients and/or the treatment of the ingredients that will go into products will help Agropur with the utilization of various milk products while keeping the same high quality products and will increase Agropur competitiveness in the market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Milena Corredig


Sandra Sandra


Agropur Cooperative


Food science




University of Guelph



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