Communicating Credentials: Building blockchain solutions for university degree verification

Document fraud is increasing and undermining the integrity of high quality education in Canada. With over 100,000 fake diplomas sold in the USA every year and legitimate universities incurring significant expenses protecting their intellectual property rights together with negative reputational spill-overs for legitimate universities, blockchain-based platforms, a technology in which transactions that are agreed to be correct are recorded, through a process of agreement, in a series of connected blocks by a process that only allows writing each entry a single time and does not allow further editing or deletion of each entry, will be investigated to determine the best platform, structure and design to ensure that a working prototype of a blockchain-based application will allow students to prove to other schools, universities, and employers, anywhere in the world, of their current and correct credentials and qualifications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Peter Chow-White


Chuancong Gao


Empowered Startups


Computer science


Information and communications technologies




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