Communication assisted hybrid overcurrent-transient directional protection scheme for active distribution networks

With worldwide efforts to increase the utilization of renewable energy, traditional power distribution networks are being transformed into active distribution networks with the interconnection of distributed generation. The status of DGs connected to an active distribution network can change frequently, and this creates many challenges to network protection. The aim of this project is to implement a new protection solution for active distribution systems and microgrids in hardware and validate its performance. The proposed protection strategy combines the traditional overcurrent protection with a transient based unit protection technique to provide feeder and bus protection. An experimental setup will be developed around a real time simulator to perform hardware-in-theloop simulations, with the communications required for the protection scheme implemented using IEC 61850 generic object oriented substation event (GOOSE) messaging. This type of hardware based verification is a necessary step to bring this novel protection technology closer to the application in real world.

Faculty Supervisor:

Athula Rajapakse


Amila Nuwan Pathirana


ERL Phase Power Technologies


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of Manitoba



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