Cryptographic filesystem for video integrity

When storing and retrieving large quantities of aerial surveillance video to be used as evidence, it must be possible to validate video as authentic without relying on secret knowledge. Part of the solution to this problem involves a novel combination of cryptography techniques used in blockchains and elsewhere together with computer filesystems, allowing data to be stored in a way that can be easily authenticated. We have published a paper describing how such techniques could be combined in a novel way; in this project we will develop our proof of concept into a research prototype suitable for performance evaluation. We will then integrate it into a C-CORE blockchain database research project. Together, these systems will allow the integrity of aerial surveillance video to be verified at scale even in the presence of redaction. This will support the exercise of lawful authority in a manner that stands up to close scrutiny and improves the safety of Canadians.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jonathan Anderson


Arastoo Bozorgi;Mahya Soleimani Jadidi




Computer science



Memorial University of Newfoundland



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