Customer intelligence data mining for financial institutions

For banks and financial institutions data is one of the most important assets, providing the key to true differentiation and competitive advantage. Insight Business Intelligence, solutions offered by Banking Software Company Temenos, turn figures into meaningful information for business decision making. However the existing business rules based models could be improved by using novel statistical techniques to capture the stochastic dependence in the data. In order to allow financial institutions obtaining much more valuable information we aim to implement data-mining approaches and to develop advanced statistical models for this kind of data.

The focus of our project is on the Customer Intelligence module, which incorporates the information about bank clients, accounts they have, products and services they use. This detailed data set will be employed to analyze the behavior of the customers, e.g. to identify those who are likely to buy a new particular product, or in the opposite way, who are likely to leave the bank. Moreover, built models will be used to estimate customer profitability, based on the products the client is likely to buy. Integrating of these data-driven results into the standard reports let the financial institution to take proactive actions, determine selling opportunities within the existing customer base and put more efforts into the purchase and serving of the most profitable customers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Yulia R. Gel


Vyacheslav Lyubchich


Temenos Software Canada


Statistics / Actuarial sciences


Finance, insurance and business


University of Waterloo



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