Data Visualization of GIS Data at Scale

Access to private or leased land is currently not a simple problem. Landowners would like to know who is on their land, when, and for what purpose. Getting permissions from landowners is often not a straightforward task which often leads to obtaining permission being bypassed. Some landowners do not want hunters, but do not mind artists or photographers accessing their land. Western Heritage is building the SaskLander Platform that provides an easy to use interface for landowners and those who would seek permission to access that land. Saskatchewan Polytechnic will be working with Western Heritage to provide a scalable visualization of GIS data that offers high level detail that can be drilled down to every piece of land across multiple provinces.

Faculty Supervisor:

Terry Peckham;Susan Blum


Nathan Balaniuk


Western Heritage Services Inc


Computer science


Professional, scientific and technical services


Saskatchewan Polytechnic



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