Delivering evidence-based health care to children with common health conditions and their families using technology

The MITACS student will join in a large and diverse research group that has developed and disseminated national programs with the use of technology (e.g., computers, internet, smartphones) to treat health problems in children and adolescents, through the following programs:

Clinical programs for Disruptive Behavior, Anxiety, and Enuresis: These programs are being delivered as evidence-based service to children and families seeking help for mental health over the phone and internet, or paper-based manuals. These services are offered by the Strongest Families Institute (, which is a non-profit organization. All these programs remain in the process of constant evolution to keep them up to date with the latest evidence based research.

We are developing and testing the efficacy of the following programs. If we are able to prove that these programs are efficacious, they will be implemented both nationally and internationally.
? Web-based parenting programs targeted to the public health sector to address the following problems :
– Behavior problems (e.g., Disruptive Behavior Disorder)
– Anxiety problems
– Improving communication with adolescents
– Preventing alcohol problems

? Web-based parenting programs targeted towards clinical populations to address the following problems:
– Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)
– Behavioral problems (e.g., Disruptive Behavior Disorder)
We are building a new version of our current operational program for fathers specifically. We want to increase fathers involvement in these programs, since it is usually only the mothers who engage in them. .
We are also working to increase the durability of changes as result of the intervention, by increasing length of the follow-ups using automated tips and reminders.
– Better care for babies hospitalized in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

? Mobile optimised web-based programs addressed to the public health sector to address the following problems:
– Headache
– Adolescent depression

Faculty Supervisor:

Patrick McGrath


Nguy?n H?nh Phuc



Epidemiology / Public health and policy



Dalhousie University



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