Desirable density in Vancouver’s rental housing market

Vancouver’s rental market is Canada’s most expensive. Financial constraints and need for more space often push families outside of the down-town area towards suburban areas. This research will propose a new type of housing likely to increase Vancouver’s retention capabilities towards this type of inhabitant. Census information shows that a net loss of 2% of new families decide to leave the city annually, suggesting that the housing infrastructure they require is not available. The market offers small apartments with no access to the outside and priced beyond the average financial means. Drawing from different models built around the world over the last ten years, this study proposes a new type of housing addressing needs of urban families as well as meeting the city’s densification targets. It is important for Vancouver, a city so internationally prized for its quality of life and cosmopolitan character, to diversify its housing offerings in order to stimulate a demographic variety in its center. This will ensure the equitable sustainability of the social and economic spheres of Vancouver as an urban entity.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Blair Satterfield


Eleonore Leclerc


Stantec Architecture


Architecture and design


Construction and infrastructure


University of British Columbia



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