Determination and characterization of plant fungi in greenhouse bell peppers

Bell pepper (Capsicum annum L.) is one of the most profitable greenhouse vegetable crops in Canada. Over 12 million square feet of greenhouse has been established to cultivate bell peppers in British Columbia alone. In this project, Randhawa Farms Ltd. and University of British Columbia aim to collectively determine and characterization of fungal species in greenhouse bell peppers harvested in different places in Canada. Specifically, the fungal communities of bell peppers will be determined using amplicon-metagenomic analysis. In addition, a rapid and sensitive method for the detection of fungal species in bell peppers will be developed. This project can benefit in controlling fungal quality, increasing the yield and shelf life of produce, as well as improving the overall sustainability of greenhouses in BC and other provinces in Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Xiaonan Lu;Michael Deyholos


Lixue Liu


Randhawa Farms Ltd


Food science






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