Determination of quality changes in freeze-dried pet food products during atmospheric cold plasma treatment

Champion Pet Foods is a prominent pet food manufacturer in Canada. They manufacture high-end high quality dry pet food products. They are interested to use new processing technologies to eliminate the harmful bacteria from their products without damaging their quality. At University of Alberta, we are testing the effectiveness of new technologies such as atmospheric cold plasma to eliminate harmful bacteria from food products. As consumers do not like low quality foods, it is important to understand the quality changes in foods during processing of foods using new technologies. This project aims to study the effect on quality of dry pet food products when processed with atmospheric cold plasma, which is an advanced food processing technology. As part of the quality analysis, we will monitor the fat oxidation, color and hardness of dry meat based pet food products after atmospheric cold plasma treatment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Roopesh Mohandas Syamaladevi


Barun Yadav


Champion Petfoods LP


Food science






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