Development and optimization of a food based delivery system for cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol

In early 2020, cannabis edibles will be introduced into the Canadian markets. Although these products will offer a safer alternative to smoking or vaping cannabis, they can still pose certain health risks to consumers and must be controlled for dosage and stability over the product’s entire shelf life. This research project centers on developing a method to introduce cannabis into food or beverages in a safe and stable manner. Many methods for suspending cannabis will be rigorously tested before the best technique, or combination of best techniques is chosen. The partner company will benefit from this research by receiving a tailor made formula to use in their cannabis containing food products and will have an opportunity to widen their research and development expertise. Likewise, the Canadian economy will benefit by solidifying Canada’s position as an expert in the field of cannabis research due to early adoption of cannabis legalization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Salwa Karboune


Kelly Light


EXKA inc


Food science




McGill University



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