Development and stabilization of novel cannabis oil-derived products for pharmaceutical applications

Under the most updated Health Canada Cannabis Regulations, medical and recreational cannabis extract derived products (edibles and topicals) are allowed to be produced and sold in the Canadian market as early as December 16, 2019. Mera is a federally licensed company, whose business strategy focusses on producing high quality and high safety cannabis and cannabis-derived products that are complied with Health Canada and European Regulations. This has been accomplished by following the pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice. Within that scope, the PDF intern will be developing derived cannabis products, focussing on novel medical topical balms and lotions. Subsequently, the stability of cannabinoids in cannabis-derived products and their in vitro permeability after rubbing on skin will be established and reported to the public audients. This will be done by giving oral presentations at International Conferences as well as publishing papers and reports, from which the Canadian cannabis industry can inherit and benefit.

Faculty Supervisor:

Supratim Ghosh


Diem Chi Doan


Mera Cannabis Corp


Food science




University of Saskatchewan


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