Development of an Interoperable Microgrid Control Unit

The proposed project involves the development of a microgrid energy management system (or microgrid control unit – MCU) to synchronize the actions of devices such as batteries, solar panels, and other generators to achieve increased energy savings. The MCU will allow all devices to interact and exchange information seamlessly, in a “plug and play” fashion. As part of the project, a control strategy will also be developed that will maximize energy savings and financial incentives by defining an optimal schedule for the microgrid devices The partner organization, TROES Corp, is an Ontario-based battery manufacturer and is exploring new markets and services to deploy their batteries. TROES will benefit from this project because it will allow them to provide an automated, turn-key solution to a variety of microgrids that are interesting in harnessing the ability of microgrids to provide an increase in energy savings and resiliency. This will result in new revenue streams and an opportunity to grow their business. The interns will benefit from the technical, managerial, and business administration experience that the TROES staff has to offer, and will learn critical technical and project management skills that will help secure leadership positions in their academic and/or industrial careers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hany Farag


Abdulrahman Abomazid;Shivam Saxena




Engineering - computer / electrical


Professional, scientific and technical services


York University



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