Development of cold anesthetization and packaging technologies for waterless transportation of live shrimp

Warmwater shrimp are dominant in Canada’s shrimp market, and they are mainly imported from Asian countries. Final market value of the imported shrimp can be increased if they are alive; however, shipping live shrimp in water is cost-prohibitive. To reduce the weight-associated cost, shrimp growers are interested in transporting live shrimp in waterless conditions. Unfortunately, the waterless environment can cause a poor survival rate of shrimp. Thus, we aim to reduce the mortality of shrimp during waterless transportation by developing cold anesthetization and packaging technologies. Both cold anesthetization and packaging processes will be optimized based on their effects on shrimp’s weight loss, survival rate, antioxidant enzyme activities, and lipid peroxidation. This project will provide a cost-effective and practical approach to achieve a high survival rate of shrimp during 18-h waterless transportation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Xiaonan Lu;Keng Chou


Zhilong Yu


1218875 BC Ltd


Food science




University of British Columbia



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