Development of plant-based beverage with high content and quality proteins

Plant-based beverages are inappropriate alternatives to bovine milk, due to lower protein content and not sufficient amount of essential amino acids. To produce nutritionally complete plant-based beverage with high overall acceptability, the technological interventions and fortification techniques need to be developed. Oat is one of the promising raw material for preparation of functional plant-based milk due to the presence of dietary fibres and good nutritional quality of oat proteins. Appropriate complementation of oat proteins with other high nutritious plant protein isolate will enable to produce plant-based beverage with all essential amino acids required for a complete source of protein in a single serving. The applied interventions may lead to process improvements for better quality and performance of plant based beverages and further growth and global competitiveness of Canadian products in a global market.

Faculty Supervisor:



Earth's Own Food Group


Food science




University of Alberta



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