Development of see-through near-eye display using embedded concave micromirror array for augmented reality applications

Near-eye displays (NEDs) are small displays that are positioned closed to the eye, which conveniently places visual information in the line of sight of a user. NEDs need to be compact and lightweight as they are typically worn on the head, taking the form of glasses or goggles. In this research, we design and build a thin and transparent NED. The proposed NED uses a high fill-factor embedded concave micromirror array (ECMMA), and light field principles for virtual image formation. We optimize our NED design using optical simulation software Zemax Opticstudio, and build a prototype using a transparent microdisplay and a custom-fabricated ECMMA.

Faculty Supervisor:

Boris Stoeber


Hongbae Sam Park


Form Athletica Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of British Columbia



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