Diagnosing Security Risks in an Industrial Control System using a Novel Real-Time Device

The integration of control system workstations with wireless networks in critical infrastructure systems raises a major challenge as it now requires the ability to detect cyber security threats which could ultimately cripple the organization’s network. Cyber risk management and the ability to apply appropriate countermeasures requires the ability to predict, restrain and detect threats, which Red Tiger Labs has begun to tackle by designing the Control Layer Assessment Workstation (CLAW) tool which has the ability to provide early threat detection and reassessment of Industrial Control Systems. The incorporation of a hardware device capable of real-time data capture within the CLAW workstations will provide extended levels of security to the system. The token will be designed to detect cyber security issues concerning devices within the network using regulations available from CLAW tool. The project aims to investigate hardware serial logging to identify threats on a network with integrated wireless communication capabilities allowing tokens to report status to other devices for advanced risk management. Further, the user Interface development will aim to permit data selection logging according to the desired information during a specified timeframe.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Trevor Pearce


Rima Alkhalili


Red Tiger Labs


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


Carleton University



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