Digital Audio Multi-Effects Platform for Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

Modular synthesizers are becoming more commonplace in the studios of musicians around the globe. These instruments, first invented in the 1960s, are composed of modules, each of which performs a unique function, such as generating sounds or modifying them by applying effects such as distortion, echo and more. When building a modular synthesizer, the user is faced with a number of choices – which kind of modules do I need?
In lieu of buying dozens of modules to find the correct one for their style, they can instead opt for another solution.
Modern digital technology has given rise to a type of module that can perform many different functions depending on the context. These modules are programmable and can store dozens of different algorithms. This provides the user with a sample-platter of the various offerings in the field of modular synthesizers. The main drawback to these types of modules is that they lose dedicated hardware controls for sound processing and synthesis algorithm variables (one of the main advantages of modular synthesizers).

Faculty Supervisor:

Marcelo Wanderley


Josh Rohs


Intellijel Designs Inc






McGill University



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