Efficacy of the plant extract CELEXT07 and the botanically derived Thymox in suppression of Cannabis fungal diseases under greenhouse production systems

The legalization of Cannabis (marijuana) is now supported by 66% of Canadian voters. Aphria Inc., was the first approved and licensed producer under the MMPR to begin growing in a greenhouse and is currently the second-largest marijuana producer in Canada. Unfortunately, Cannabis is attacked by a plethora of phytopathogens leading to a number of diseases with the most commonly reported are grey mold and powdery mildews. Pesticide use is regulated by the Health Canada Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) ensuring compliance and appropriate guidelines for use of the pesticides and maximum residue limit (MRL) so as to not pose any health concerns in humans. The project will focus on the use of biodegradable botanically-derived compounds CELEXT07 (pending registration) and Thymox® with strong antimicrobial properties to suppress disease incidence and severity of Cannabis fungal diseases.

Faculty Supervisor:

Suha Jabaji


Jamil Samsatly


Mondias Naturals Inc








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