Employer Demand-Driven Training (EDDT) Programs for Youth Employment

The proposed research project will research and evaluate the impact of Employer Demand-Driven Training (EDDT) programs undertaken in 5 pilot sites in Ontario. As a strategy, ‘demand-driven’ means putting businesses at the centre of workforce training development and using their workforce needs and challenges as the starting point to design effective programs. In this way, training is directly relevant to market demand. The intern will be involved in the assessment of the extent to which EDDT programs are effective and will implement the knowledge acquired from a systematic research methodology and timeline to understand the value proposition EDDT programs offer the current and next generations of youth and employers, who in conjunction define the future of the Canadian employment landscape. This project will benefit First Work as it will contribute to the organization’s institutional capacity to provide relevant and impactful programs to their stakeholders in Ontario which can serve as a model for further phases of EDDT programs and for training centres in other provinces.

Faculty Supervisor:

Wendy Cukier


Ken Dunning


Ontario Association of Youth Employment Centres


Political science


Management of companies and enterprises


Ryerson University



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