Encapsulation strategies for the enhanced performance of active ingredients in cosmetic products

Functional foods and cosmetics contain physiologically active compounds. However, many active ingredients are susceptible to degradation and/or are not efficiently absorbed by the body. It is increasingly recognized that the composition and physical structures of the products, and interactions between ingredients in the matrix can impact the stability and availability of active ingredients. Encapsulation is an important strategy for protecting and delivering active ingredients and it has a long history of use in food and cosmetic industries. Several encapsulation vehicles for active ingredients have been developed, however their efficacy in delivering active ingredients is not well characterized. This research proposal addresses the value-chain development and enhancement of active ingredients using different encapsulation vehicles for food and cosmetic applications. Results of this project will bring research from the academia to the industry, which will lead to potential commercialization of novel functional food and petroleum-free cosmetic products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alejandro Marangoni


Fan Wang


Avaria Health & Beauty Corp


Food science


Consumer goods


University of Guelph



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