Evaluating the impact of culturally-sensitized brokerage or coaching on refugee newcomers’ nutritional acculturation in a pilot program

Refugee newcomers tend to experience “food” culture shock and are at greater risk of food insecurity due to inadequate social programs. Hybrid social programs may help boost refugee newcomer confidence through knowledge exchange during intercultural culinary experiences. Therefore, this project aims to: First, promote effective cultural brokerage between community sponsor groups and refugee newcomers; Second, empower newcomers to participate in multicultural and intercultural activities during their nutritional transitions into a Canadian “foodscape” in a pilot program. By evaluating the pilot program, the project hopes to contribute to knowledge on the best practices of supporting refugee newcomers during their nutritional transitions in Canada using culturally-sensitive tools and resources.

Faculty Supervisor:

Craig Janes


Thoko Phiri


Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre


Epidemiology / Public health and policy


Health care and social assistance


University of Waterloo



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