Evaluating the performance of starch and flour ingredients using Rapid Visco Analyzer 4800 at high heating temperatures

In this project, the intern will have the opportunity to work in Perten Instruments Canada and Carbohydrate Chemistry and Utilization Laboratory at the University of Saskatchewan to use the latest model of one instrument (Rapid Visco Analyzer 4800; developed by Perten Instruments) to evaluate the functionality of starch and flour ingredients. The new instrument has the capability to heat starch/flour slurry up to 140°C, which is a significant improvement from previous models as they can only reach a heating temperature of 95°C. This unique feature will enable food ingredient and processing companies to evaluate the performance of starch and flour ingredients during high temperature food processing, such as in the manufacture of canned, extruded, and dairy products. The research will generate new knowledge that will be useful for the food industry to utilize this new instrument to better identify ingredients for the preparation of high-quality food products.

Faculty Supervisor:



Perten Instruments Canada


Food science




University of Saskatchewan



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