Evaluation of the clinically management weight-loss program at Wellness Institute at Seven Oaks Hospital

Many Canadians are overweight or obese which increases their risk for various diseases. However, many weight loss approaches don’t work. The objective of this project is to evaluate a weight loss program managed by doctors, dietitians and exercise specialists that focuses on improving healthy eating habits and increasing physical activity at the Wellness Institute. The Wellness Institute is a state-of-the-art certified medical fitness facility dedicated to improving the health of the community through health promotion and disease prevention. The weight loss program will focus on reducing the amount of calories eaten and increasing exercise levels. All participants will see a dietitian and kinesiologist regularly. This project will also review current studies related to weight loss programs to ensure that the program is based on the latest scientific evidence. Results from this project will be used to support a program offered to the public through the Wellness Institute.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dylan MacKay


Katrina Cachero


Seven Oaks Chronic Disease Innovation Centre Inc


Food science


Medical devices



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