Fabrication, characterization and modeling of novel CMOS-compatible polymer-based redox memory structures

A cross-disciplinary collaboration between investigators in Electrical Engineering and Chemistry has lead to the discovery of a promising new material system for nanoelectronics. This material system is a conducting polymer / inorganic metal oxide heterojunction, electrochemically grown onto a crossbar structure. This heterojunction produces transient current-voltage characteristics that can be controlled by electric fields and exhibits memory effects. Building on the proof-of-principle research, one concrete goal of this project is to demonstrate an 8×8 memory array based on field-modulated polymer/metal oxide heterojunctions, fabricated through CMOS-compatible processes. In collaboration with our industry partner (MOSAID), CMOS-compatible read/write circuitry will be designed for the structure and a detailed circuit model will also be developed for system-level simulation of the device. Since a key element of MOSAID’s strategy is to expand its patent portfolio through academic collaborations, this project will be beneficial to their core business mission.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Michael S. Freund


Iman Yahyaie


MOSAID Technologies Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Manitoba



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