Fibre Optic Sensor for the Detection of Hidden, Indoor Mould

This project is in partnership with AllerGen. Indoor moulds are recognized as important contributors to respiratory illnesses such as allergy and asthma. However, the detection of mould in houses may be problematic, particularly when mould is concealed within wall cavities. Despite that these sources of mould are hidden, they still contribute spores into the room air, presenting a recognized health threat. This project seeks to develop a miniature, fiber optic sensor that can be incorporated into concealed building structures, such as wall cavities, to serve as an "early warning" detection system if mould develops in these building components. The principal of the technology is in the use of a fiber cladding material that is readily degradable by most common fungi. Attack of this component will induce signal leakage from the optical fiber. The industry partner, Sporometrics Inc., a Canadian leader in the detection of indoor mould, is interested to develop this technology for its growing IP porfolio.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Paul Bozek


Karen Isber


Sporometrics Inc.


Epidemiology / Public health and policy


Construction and infrastructure


University of Toronto



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