Formulating a novel goat-whey based drink and studying its nutritional and health functions – Year two

This project will create novel goat milk-based products and test their health effects in healthy adults. Interest in goat milk is increasing, mainly due to two market trends: consumers’ new taste trends for niche/ethnic products, and the perception of goat milk having added health properties. Goat milk is perceived as having intestinal anti-inflammatory effects and improved digestive properties compared to bovine milk, due to the unique functionalities of its oligosaccharides and triglycerides. However, the basis of claims is often founded on anecdotal evidence, and these health effects have not been extensively studied, particularly in adults to whom these products are marketed. Objectives: To manipulate goat milk fractions to prepare a product matrix with nutritionally significant amounts of oligosaccharides and higher fat. This matrix will need to be acceptable to consumers, so that further studies can evaluate the mechanisms behind the health benefits. Specifically, human intervention trials will investigate physiological and biochemical markers. In particular, the development aims at highlighting the health beneficial effects of oligosaccharides and short and medium chain fatty acids on postprandial satiety and gut health markers. The research findings will be exploited to create highly functional ingredients and new products for the Canadian and export markets.

Faculty Supervisor:

Amanda Wright


Niloufar Rafiee Tari


Gay Lea Foods Co-Operative Ltd


Food science




University of Guelph



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