Functional and topological insights into plant triacylglycerol synthesis enzymes

Laure Aymé is a PhD student focusing her research on a plant protein family involved in lipid biosynthesis and important for oil accumulation and biotechnological purposes. Laure recently published an article describing the function and localization of a protein inserted in two distinct cellular compartment membranes, a rather unique situation with few available data. During her stay in Canada, Laure will build a model of the protein insertion into membrane using an experimental set-up designed in Prof. Weselake’s laboratory. It requires the construction of protein mutants in a yeast strain that she has already successfully used. Expected results include a confrontation of the protein insertion in both compartments which is a poorly tackled question. Protein motifs and regions determinant for activity and/or targeting will be highlighted through a live-cell-based assay performed on mutants. Results should be published shortly after the project. Candidate skills and doctoral thesis will greatly benefit from these innovative experiments and cultural experience abroad.

Faculty Supervisor:

Randall Weselake


Laure Aymé



Food science



University of Alberta


Globalink Research Award

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