Functionality of a Zero-trans, Low Saturate Shortening Alternative

This project is in partnership with AFMNet. Coasun is a monoglyceride-stabilized oil in water emulsion (MAG gel) that is trans fat free and low in saturated fat and can be a substitute for standard fats in a range of bakery products. Specific focus of the intern's research will be on the interaction of this MAG gel with starch, gluten and flour at room temperature and during heating. These results will be compared to industry standard fats to see the advantages of the structure of the MAG gel in relation to its competition. This will provide the organization with information on how to improve baked product quality and its performance in industrial settings. The partner will benefit from the interns application of this knowledge to optimize a cookie for a specific project of the partner organization. Also the intern will be presenting her research data at numerous conferences through the internship period to expose the knowledge of the research on the MAG gel to existing and potential customers of Coasun Inc.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Koushik Seetharaman


Brittany Huschka


Coasun Inc.


Food science




University of Guelph



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