Genetic relationship between faulting, hydrothermal fluid flow and gold mineralization, North Caribou terrane


This proposed project is a multidisciplinary study of the evolution of gold mineralization near the Musselwhite mine in the North Caribou terrane, northern Ontario. The objectives of this project are to: (i) To establish the geometry and spatial pattern of the structures that host the mineralization of ore, and further develop process-oriented exploration strategies. (ii) To apply the Ar-Ar method to investigate the thermal history of the area, addressing the temporal and genetic relationship, if any, between the metal-bearing hydrothermal activity and tectonic events. (iii) To identify the mineralogical and petrological signatures of alteration specifically associated with the introduction of gold. Through the collaborative efforts of this project, Musselwhite will gain access to analytical equipment and gather critical data that is otherwise not available, and connect with highly skilled researchers in order to foster valuable academic relationships with the intent of enduring collaborations with the University of Ottawa.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Schneider


Tash Kalbfleish


Musselwhite Mine


Engineering - other


Mining and quarrying


University of Ottawa



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