Genetic variation in 9p21, dietary patterns and cardiovascular disease risk

Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death in Canadians and expected to claim nearly 65 000 lives in 2015. Approximately 75% of these deaths are preventable by having a healthier lifestyle, including a better diet. Another risk factor is having a family history of heart disease, mainly because of inherited genetic risk factors. A healthy diet is twice as effective to reduce heart disease in people with high-risk genes. The aim of this project is to find the best diet to reduce risk of heart disease in people with high-risk genes compared to others. The partner organization, Nutrigenomix Inc., is a genetic testing company specialized in developing test kits for personalized nutrition. The company will benefit from this research by commercializing a genetic test panel specifically for cardiovascular disease risk. This test will allow healthcare providers to offer customized diets based on their clients’ genetic risk of cardiovascular disease.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Jenkins


Sara Mahdavi


Nutrigenomix Inc.


Food science


Life sciences


University of Toronto



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