Her Own Boss! Bridging Settlement and Economic Security for Visible Minority Newcomer Women in BC

HOB! is a community-based action research project with the aim of supporting visible minority newcomer women (VMNW) in starting entrepreneurial businesses. The research objectives of the project include identifying challenges and opportunities that VMNW face in the business environment of Canada. Moreover, this research will provide suggestions for improvement of employment and self-employment services for immigrant women. The Women’s Economic Council (WEC) will benefit from this research project by learning more about a) the challenges and strengths of VMNW in their paths towards self-employment, b) the challenges and strengths of local self-employment service providers, and c) best practices in providing training and support service to VMNW that helps them move towards their economic empowerment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hongxia Shan


Nasim Peikazadi


Women’s Economic Council




Other services (except public administration)


University of British Columbia



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