Hydrodynamic and catalytic reactions of multiphase processes

The aim is to have an insight on bubble behaviour in a system that holds a chemical reaction and then to see the direct effect of changing hydrodynamic parameters on the reactor performance. The partner organization will have a protocol to optimize its process by tuning the operating conditions. In addition, the partner organization will have an overview on the effect of solid particles properties on the hydrodynamics and can use this information in the design of new bubble column reactors or in the step of choosing the catalyst.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jamal Chaouki;Sherif Farag;Redouane BENIAZZA


Iman Soleimani;Mohammad Hossein Monzavi;Abdelrahman Hussain;Said Samih;Salah Bayoumi;Armin Abazarpoor;EL Mahdi Lakhdissi;Mojtaba Mokhtari;Gautier Houriez;Shuli Shu;Yefeng Zhou;Ahmed Fahd;Mona Hassan;Fadoua Laasri;mai attia;Zhaohui Chen;Yaser Khojasteh;Moh


Mohammed VI Polytechnique University


Engineering - other


Mining and quarrying


École Polytechnique de Montréal


Accelerate International

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