Identification of Key Microbes from Spontaneous Beer to Improve Mixed Fermentations

Sour beers, traditionally made via spontaneous fermentation, are growing in popularity; particularly examples produced using the modern technique of mixed fermentation. These mixed fermentation beers present unique challenges during production. We hypothesize that by examining traditional process spontaneously fermented beer, we can identify new methods and strategies for improving the quality of mixed fermentation beers. Blind Enthusiasm operates a brew house uniquely built to produce both traditional method spontaneous beer, as well as mixed beer. In order to improve mixed fermentation beer it is important to understand how different populations of microorganisms develop during fermentation in spontaneous beer. Through this collaboration we hope to understand how spontaneous fermentation progresses and how individual microbes from these beers impact the final flavor of the beer.

Faculty Supervisor:

Benjamin Willing


Ben Bourrie


Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Company


Food science




University of Alberta



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