Impact of Bioavailable Peptides Generated from Collagen Hydrolysates on Bone Remodeling

Genacol Canada Corporation Inc. manufactures a collagen hydrolysate (CH) product, sourced from bovine (Genacol® Original Formula), that has shown promising and positive results in three clinical trials for decreasing joint pain, as well as having a positive effect on articular cartilage. Following digestion, and first pass metabolism, CHs release peptides that have been shown to be the health promoting component of the supplement. New research trends have suggested that joint pain is a multi-tissue disease, and not only attributed to articular degradation. The bones that meet at are
still unclear. For this reason, our proposed study aims to identify the effects that CHs have on bone remodeling and inflammation using osteoblast and osteoclast cell culture. This approach will help establish the health promoting properties of Genacol CH and will also aid in the development of more potent and targeted product in the future.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stan Kubow


Christina Elizabeth Larder


Genacol Canada Corporation Inc


Food science




McGill University



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