Implementation of a Comprehensive Athlete Monitoring Program in Female and Male Varsity Ice Hockey Players

In order to improve athlete performance and maintain health, it is crucial to find a balance between training/competition demand, and the stress experienced by athletes. To improve performance, training and adaptation is necessary, but it is also crucial to consider how much training and competition an athlete can handle before it becomes harmful to their mental and physical health. The overall purpose of this project is to develop an athlete monitoring program that allows for training and competition demand (physically, psychologically, and physiologically) to be determined and assess the response, both mentally and physically, throughout an entire varsity hockey season in both male and female players. The partner organization has a long history of research that aims to understand athletes and improve performance and overall well-being. This project will attempt to develop an athlete monitoring program that will assist and improve these core objectives.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lawrence Spriet


Alexander Gamble


PepsiCo Beverages Canada


Food science




University of Guelph



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