Implementation of the Engagement Score of Libro Credit Union’s Owners

Libro Credit Union wants to improve the Owners’ (customers) financial experience engaging them actively through the institution’s initiatives. Therefore, Libro is dedicating efforts to objectively measure which initiatives have a greater impact on the owner’s engagement; so they can have better insights into their audiences and can ensure best-served owners with tailored initiatives. Our main goal is to create an Owner’s Engagement Score described by three dimensions: Services, Products, and Experiences to help Libro impact positively on the owner’s financial experience through initiatives designed to meet their individual needs. We will apply machine learning methods to evaluate the owner’s engagement indicator. Consequently, Libro will be able to prioritize their strategies and focalize their initiatives. Additionally, our solution will help Libro to determine a set of possible ways for their owners to transit along with Libro’s products, services and experiences with a positive impact on the owner’s needs and expectations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Juan Luis Suarez


Antonio Jiménez Mavillard;Yadira Lizama;Daniel Varona Cordero;Ana Gabriela Ruiz Segarra


Libro Credit Union


Cultural studies



Western University



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