Improved Industrial Sustainability through Residual Redistribution andRecapture of Value from Underutilized Streams

To maximize usage of residuals and underutilized product streams at Port Hawkesbury Paper (PHP), this investigation is conducted with eco-industrial parks in mind, and a goal of increasing industrial sustainability. The streams investigated could act as a supplement to PHP’s current processes or an external feedstock for a collaborative relationship through waste as a form of currency. Inventory of potential available residuals, streams, and energy sources will be produced and evaluated as well as trial scale operations of potential projects (aquaculture, soil amendments, etc.). Overall the formation of an industrial symbiosis could be created not only locally, but the information gained from this study could act as a guide for other industries globally in the pursuit of industrial sustainability.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michelle Adams


Brittany MacDonald


Port Hawkesbury Paper LP


Engineering - other


Environmental industry




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