Integration of molecular tools with technological evaluation to improve the performance of starter cultures for yogourt

Yogourt demand has increased significantly over the past decade, accompanied by a fast-paced diversification in types of product, requiring specialized processes. The challenge faced by Lactalis Canada is to continually adapt the fermentation process to obtain consistent and optimum quality, shelf-life and sensory profile using the cooperation of living microorganisms as starters in milk which already contains a variable microbiome. In order to meet this challenge, molecular tools are urgently needed to improve the process of starter production and monitor the performance of starters during milk fermentation. The collaboration with the University of Guelph will provide the expertise to develop these tools and evaluate the genetic and metabolic compatibility of specific strains for predictable yogourt characteristics. This project will expand understanding of bacterial interactions during milk fermentation and their impact on the flavour profile of fermented milk. The results will be used to improve the yield and sensory profile of yogourt produced by Lactalis Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Gisele LaPointe


Myra Siddiqi


Lactalis Canada


Food science




University of Guelph



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