Investigating How Teachers Learn and Customize Digital Classroom Tools II

Our proposed research investigates how K-12 teachers learn and customize digital classroom tools and learning management systems and how they share this information with each other. In particular, we will be working with our partner Microsoft to investigate the use and customization of the recently developed OneNote Class Notebooks software that is increasingly being used by teachers for various content delivery and content management tasks. We will carry out semi-structured interviews with K-12 teachers and do content analysis of online forums and blogs to synthesize gaps in retrieving and applying community-created customizations and how the customization-sharing process could be improved. We expect these findings to help inform the design of new tools that can, for example, help a teacher who is new to using an application such as the Class Notebooks accelerate her course set-up process by using a customization created and shared by another instructor teaching a similar course.

Faculty Supervisor:

Parmit Chilana


Laton Vermette


Microsoft Canada


Computer science


Information and communications technologies




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