Investigation of heavy metal bioavailability and bioaccesibility in SierraSil® mineral complex and its impacts on inflammation and bioavailability of other medications and natural health products

This study will provide the information about the in vitro bioavailability of As and Pb in SierraSil® at the first time and validate the possible product specific bioaccessibility method that can be used to predict bioavailability. This study will first compare the mineral composition of SierraSil® after acid and alkaline digestion, thus it is possible find out the bioactive components in SierraSil®. We will also be able to provide the proof of the recommendation for the patients who take SierraSil® with other medication or natural health products. At last, this study may add new application of SierraSil® on intestinal inflammation and provide the possible anti-inflammatory mechanisms for SierraSil®.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Kitts


Xiumin Chen


SierraSil Health


Food science


Medical devices


University of British Columbia



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