Ionomer-coated filtration membranes as an alternative to ion-exchange membranes for demineralization by electrodialysis

The main objective of this research project is to fabricate a new type of membranes at low-cost, and evaluate and compare their performances with commercially available highly expensive ion exchange membranes during NaCl and whey demineralization by electrodialysis. Those new membranes could replace ion exchange membranes in near future making electrodialysis more economical and easily affordable by companies. With this project, both partner organizations have been expected to be benefitted in various ways. For instance, Amer-Sil will expand the application of its membranes in the new field of industries such as in bio processes and food processing. In the same way, Parmalat will be able to successfully demineralize and deacidify the whey and milk permeates obtained from cheese production contributing to the significant process developments and economic benefits.

Faculty Supervisor:

Laurent Bazinet


Sabita Kadel


Parmalat Canada


Food science




Université Laval


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