Laboratory and field scale biodegradability assessment for Pela case products for environmentally end-of-life management

Pela, incorporated under Open Mind Development Corporation (OMDC), manufactures environmentally sustainable products, such as compostable smartphone and laptop cases. Pela aims to lead the industry in taking complete responsibility for its manufactured products and continuously improve their lifecycle so that they have the most renewable and sustainable beginning of life, and the most graceful end of life. The Pela Case is made of Flaxstic®, which is comprised of compostable bioplastic elastomer and flax straw materials. In this proposal, both field- and laboratory-scale biodegradability assays will be conducted for OMDC’s products (i.e., smart cell phone cases) to investigate their end-of-life fate in various controlled and un-controlled bioreactor environments. The field-scale testing will be conducted at Glengrow composting facility (Kelowna, BC), where plant materials such as lawn trimmings and pruning are composted. The laboratory-scale aerobic (composting) and anaerobic (digestion) biodegradability assays will be conducted at Bioreactor Technology Group Laboratory at University of British Columbia’s Okanagan Campus.

Faculty Supervisor:

Cigdem Eskicioglu


Hina Dilawar


Open Mind Developments Corporation


Engineering - other


Environmental industry




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