Manitoba Rural Broadband: A Capitals Assessment in Rural Communities

Researchers have recognized Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) potential but have not fully understood the benefits of ICTs as ways of strengthening rural communities in places such as Manitoba. This project’s goals are to create and improve research methods and tools to determine how rural communities in Manitoba use broadband and how those communities can increase socio-economic benefits through broadband.
This research will use the project partner’s E-Index ICT assessment along with qualitative tools to identify community capitals/assets impacted by broadband use and to assess potential benefits. This research will take place in 8 selected communities in rural Manitoba. The interns will lead or assist in the E-Index and case study research, data analysis and share authorship in the project reporting and dissemination. The project partner, Function Four Ltd., will have opportunities to participate in journal submissions as well as co-present at national/international conferences.

Faculty Supervisor:

William Ashton


Michael Blatherwick



Architecture and design


Information and communications technologies


Brandon University



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