Methane Tri-Reforming: Process Modeling,Thermodynamic Analysis and ProcessOptimization

This has been a proposal for myself, Stephen Collins, to participate in the FASESP – BG Brazil Research Centre for Gas Innovation project. If awarded via the Mitacs Globalink program, I will be presented the opportunity to work alongside the research staff of The University of Sao Paulo, as well as members of other academic institutions and industry. The project itself has been in various stages of planning for the past several years: and was approved after being peer-reviewed by an international committee. While the Research Centre will host professionals in the fields of economics and various types of engineering, my proposed position will be alongside those of the Physical-Chemistry program: more specifically the Conversion to Chemicals team. Essentially this team is responsible for the following task: to determine the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly methods of producing value-added products from natural gas, such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas. This research will examine existing chemical processes, and determine the optimal equipment, reaction properties, and catalysts to help establish natural gas as a viable and competitive source of chemical feedstock in Brazil and beyond. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Kelly Hawboldt


Stephen Collins



Engineering - petrochemical



Memorial University of Newfoundland


Globalink Research Award

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