Microbial modifying properties of iodinated water in animal production

The iodination of water has been identified as a means to improve animal performance, particularly in the poultry industry. Iodine has been used as an antimicrobial agent under several applications, however, it is unclear how water iodination results in improved animal performance. We hypothesize that iodinated water can improve performance either by reducing pathogen load, or by altering the intestinal microbial community. BioLargo Water, Inc., specializes in leveraging iodine chemistry for applications in water treatment. To further develop iodinated water as a useful strategy in animal production, it is important to identify the impact it has on the population of microbes in the intestinal tract, including endemic pathogens. Through this collaboration we hope to understand how iodinated water impacts the normal microbial population of poultry, the effect on enteric pathogens including Salmonella and determine whether there are any alterations in innate immunity and mucosal defense of the chicken gastrointestinal tract.

Faculty Supervisor:

Benjamin Willing


Deanna Pepin


BioLargo Water, Inc


Food science






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