Mitigation strategies for acrylamide formation in the bakery sector

Acrylamide is a food contaminant that is formed in a variety of food products upon heating. Baked cereal products are one of the most important sources of acrylamide in our daily diet. The formation of acrylamide needs to be tightly controlled, and, if possible, be avoided. This project is focusing on the effect of ingredient choice and preprocessing, and final product processing on acrylamide formation in the bakery sector. A better understanding of factors influencing the acrylamide formation kinetics is urgently needed. Through this project and close collaboration between the industry and academia partners, a more rational approach to mitigation of acrylamide formation in baked goods will be developed meeting one of the focus points of Health Canada

Faculty Supervisor:

Iris Joye;Maria G Corradini


Mauricio Espinal-Ruiz


Ontario Cereal Industry Research Council


Food science




University of Guelph


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