Molecular-Based Analytics for Prediction and Optimization of Performance

Recent advancements in the study of large biological datasets coupled with powerful machine learning tools and new analytical technologies have opened up the ability to predict risks to health and possibly intervene before disease has manifested. Molecular You has developed a web based interface that integrates all these technologies into easy to understand visual health report for consumers. However, many consumers do not need to worry about health risks, as they are relatively healthy and do not have any health risks identified by our platform. Rather they are more interested in how to optimize their health, through improving their athletic performance through boost in fitness capacity and decrease in fatigue and recovery times. This study will develop a tool and web-based interface specific to lifestyle changes applied to improving and optimizing athletic performance. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Brian Fisher;Crystal Karakochuk;Robert Boushel


Kelsey Cochrane;Zohreh Dehghani Champiri


Molecular You Corporation


Food science


Health care and social assistance




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